Presidents Letter

Welcome to Winsor Fireform, a company dedicated to producing the world’s finest quality porcelain enamel signage and graphics and the manufacturer of the world’s largest installed portfolio of high-resolution porcelain enamel panels.


Our specialty is porcelain enamel signage and graphics; however, we also produce a variety of porcelain enamel products, exhibit frames, mounting systems, and now, porcelain enamel graphics on tile.


At Winsor Fireform, we constantly explore new processes, technologies, and fabrication methods. We invented our high-resolution proprietary photographic imaging process and have recently developed a photoluminescent porcelain ink process. We meet our client’s diverse requirements by combining the absolute latest in computer technology, advanced proprietary systems, and an insatiable curiosity; we produce the finest quality porcelain enamel products in the industry. We are a company of innovators. Our reputation for innovation in turn encourages requests from you, our customers, for ever more demanding applications and the cycle repeats itself.


The variety of applications appropriate for porcelain enamel is limitless.  All of the work produced by Winsor Fireform is custom; there are no “in-stock” products.  Because all of our work is custom, we pride ourselves on exceeding our clients’ expectations by developing close working relationships; we work together to meet every customer’s need and to collaborate with you to meet your budget.


The heart and soul of Winsor Fireform is its people.   We are a diverse group of professionals who share a passion for our product.  We take enormous pride in our work, and the expertise we have developed over the past 25 years is reflected in our product.  It’s this combination of passion and pride that drives us to go the “extra mile” to ensure that your project is a success.


I offer all our customers this personal guarantee: if you have questions or concerns, call me.  I will make it a priority to address them quickly, if not immediately.  Ask to speak to me anytime; if I’m out in the shop, have me paged.  Your business is vitally important to me!
I look forward to your call!




Bryan R. Stockdale