Winsor Fireform Porcelain Enamel Information

What We Are

Winsor Fireform is dedicated to producing the world’s finest high-resolution porcelain enamel graphics and signage. We are the industry leader in quality, innovation, and skill in porcelain enamel imaging.



You can use porcelain enamel for virtually every project imaginable from interpretive signage to public art murals. In addition to our skill with more traditional forms of signage, Winsor Fireform is extremely skilled at utelizing porcelain enamel in unusual and innovative ways such as imaging on curved or 3D surfaces. Please check out our galleries to see a sampling of our previously completed projects for ideas. We also have a project map that shows locations of a sampling of installations with our products, some of which may be in your area.



Winsor Fireform produces monument quality signage and photographic images in porcelain enamel on a steel substrate. We have the largest porcelain enamel color library in the world at over 17,000 unique colors (including metallics) which we can use to match to your desired color, or we have an in-house color lab that can custom formulate a color to suit your needs. In addition to our remarkable color library, we also can offer a variety of finishes from matte to gloss, to crackle.



We produce all of our work in modern 20,000 sq ft facility located in the beautiful Pacific Northwest.