Warranty Information

Winsor Fireform’s warranty and replacement policy are the best in the business. We are committed to exceptional quality standards. We have spent decades developing this product and we proudly stand behind our meticulously crafted porcelain enamel signage and graphics with a reputable 25-year warranty against fading, discoloration, or gloss reduction regardless of UV exposure. Our products are so durable that it doesn't matter where you put them; Winsor Fireform has produced panels for placement in harsh environments, such as Death Vally, 30 years ago which are still in place today. We also have a five-year warranty against manufacturing defects.


It is very difficult to permanently damage our porcelain graphics through vandalism such as spray-paint or markers. That said, a very determined vandal will be able to damage virtually any product, and our products are only as durable as their substrate. However, our replacement policy ensures, with limited exceptions, that panels damaged by vandalism can be reproduced at only a portion of the original cost.  Please call, email, or go to our contact us page for further replacement policy and warranty information.